We would like to thank Kirsty from Stirling council for coming and speaking to us about journalism.

It was very helpful to us. Some of the tips she gave us are very useful.

You have to remember the 5w’s (what, why, who, when, where!) and make the article short so people don’t get bored! We should write an article as if we are drinking coffee with a friend and having a chat.

Our favourite part was when she told us about her work for the council and in her past experience as a journalist. That was pretty cool. Kirsty used to have to make quick calls from public phones, but sometimes people had cut the wires and the no-one could get in touch with anyone!

The media group enjoyed it and are very appreciative for all her tips and help. We hope we can see her again.


By Julia, Neil-Arthur and Olivia                       from St Marys EPS.