Sky High Poetry

There was a poetry competition held at our school on Thursday the 19th of January. Each class had a different scots poem to learn off by heart and had to have a prop. P1 had robin red breast, p2 had bum be, p3 had Nessie, p4 had piper, p5 had the ment to the lost dinner ticket, p6 had address to the toothache and p7 had address to a haggis.
We were learning these scots poems because it was coming up to Burns night. We had time to practice them but p7 had the shortest amount of time to learn it. On Wednesday the 18th each person performed their poem to their class. The teachers got given the tough job of choosing who goes through to the competition. Although it was a hard choice they decided in the end, on Thursday for assembly each person who went through performed their poem yet again but to the whole school and to the judges, David Smith and Rev. Nick. They had the toughest job, choosing an overall winner. The winner had to, have a prop, have actions, takes on character, poem has a good pace. After lots of AMAZING recitals the judges made their decision. Rosie T. was the p1 to p4 winner for a great performance with good actions. Madeleine B. was the overall winner for a dramatic recital of address to a haggis. She was truly magnificent! This was a good experience for all the children in the school.
Everyone had fun and we learnt new scots words. Congratulations to everybody who got picked to go through.
By Vienna and co