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Our Mission & Values

Our REACH values Respect, Enthusiasm, Aspiration, Compassion and Honesty are embedded in everything we do and support our mission of
‘Learning for a Better World’.
Our staff, children and families have built a warm, friendly and enabling community together, and we would love for you to join us.


From the Head Teacher

A very warm welcome to St. Mary’s Episcopal Primary School and Nursery.  Our school is proud to be part of such a friendly, close-knit community where we work hard to be the best we can be and learn together in active and exciting ways.  We continue to build valuable partnerships with parents and the community in order to provide the best possible educational experience we can for all children in our care.

At St. Mary’s, everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their academic and personal potential. We do this through encouraging everyone in the community to live by our school’s REACH values of Respect, Enthusiasm, Aspiration, Compassion and Honesty.

I hope you find our website informative and easy to navigate. For more information about the school, to speak to me, or to arrange a visit, please contact us.

With kindest regards

Siobhan Hewitt

Our School

For over 130 years, our school has prided itself on helping every child discover the confidence and motivation to achieve great things, both inside and outside the classroom. Our Episcopalian foundation underpins our values. Although we are affiliated to neighbouring St Marys Episcopal Church, we are an inclusive school and open to all children through a placing request. We have capacity in all age groups and there are no school fees.

St. Mary’s has four classrooms and a Nursery. All of our classrooms include modern interactive smart boards. The well-equipped school play area includes a mud kitchen, acorn cottage and technology shed. Pupils access nearby Holmehill regularly for outdoor learning. In addition, we have access to church grounds and the church hall which is used for lunch, assemblies, concerts and PE lessons.

Our Nursery

Our Nursery has recently been refurbished and currently offers 16 places for 3-5 year olds from 9am to 3pm, five days a week during term time.

Our families are very proud of our school’s heritage and place in the community, believing that small is beautiful when it comes to the education of their child. The school badge incorporates our motto of “Where great oaks from little acorns grow” which summarises the potential for growth all children have at St. Mary’s.



What Our Parents Are Saying

“The school feels like a family, very nurturing, support for not only children but the parents too. Love the composite classes and the additional life learning that offers. The small school during the pandemic has been particularly good and reassuring for parents.”

“The staff team knows and supports every child as an individual, adapting teaching to children’s needs and interests. The children across the different year groups get to know each other really well, with the older children supporting the younger ones.”

“It’s great that St. Mary’s children have outdoor learning time at Holmehill. It’s a brilliant space for learning in a totally different way, and the children find it fun and stimulating.” 


“It’s a place that recognises the individual, yet also demonstrates the value in being part of a caring school community.”

“St Mary’s develops confident, sociable children who are ready to learn and do their best in high school and beyond.” 

“St. Mary’s is a smashing wee school with a friendly, family feel. Children here feel valued and supported as individuals.”


Frequently Asked Questions

If the below section does not answer your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

How can I register my child to attend St. Mary’s Primary School?

Parents or carers wishing their child to attend St. Mary’s Episcopal Primary School should submit a placing request to Stirling Council. The Stirling Council Placing Request Policy explains how decisions about placing request are made. Stirling Council’s website offers further information on the application process.  Normally, a placing request takes between 4-6 weeks to process.


How can I register my child to attend St. Mary’s Nursery?

Please download the nursery application form from the Stirling Council website.  Please fill in all relevant parts and send the completed form by email to our nursery. You’ll find our email address below at the end of the page and in the contact section.


Do I need to be a member of the Episcopal Church for my child to attend St. Mary’s?

No. Although St. Mary’s is a denominational school, the school is inclusive and open to everyone. There is no requirement for children or their parents/carers to be church members or to have links with the church.

Does St. Mary’s have a catchment area?

In contrast to most other schools, St. Mary’s does not have a catchment area. Children living anywhere within the Diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane are eligible to attend. The school regularly welcomes pupils from all parts of Dunblane, nearby villages, Stirling, Bridge of Allan and beyond. Parents/carers wishing their child to attend St. Mary’s Primary School should submit a placing request to Stirling Council.

Does the school charge school fees?

There are no school fees at our school.  We are affiliated with neighbouring St Mary’s Episcopal Church but the school is under local council administration.

Does the curriculum include religious studies?

Although our school values are a reflection of our episcopalian heritage and connection, religion is not part of the school’s curriculum. Our children do however attend an assembly in neighbouring St.Mary’s Episcopal Church once a week. These entertaining and informative sessions are brought to life by our local minister in cooperation with our teaching staff.

What are my chances of securing a place for my child at the school or nursery?

We currently have sufficient capacity at all age levels. An application has therefore a very high chance of being successful. We would be happy to welcome your child into our community.


St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School is located right in the centre of Dunblane, tucked away in a quiet one-way street.


  • 8 mins from the train station
  • 2 mins from Dunblane Library
  • 3 mins from Dunblane Cathedral


Smithy Loan
Dunblane, FK15 0HQ
Scotland - UK

Phone & Email

01786 822740

School Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 3:15pm
Summer Term: 15 Apr - 28 Jun