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… where great oaks from little acorns grow

A caring environment where each individual is encouraged and supported to reach their academic and personal potential

Nestled in the heart of Dunblane, St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School looks back at a 150 year history.  Our Episcopalian foundation underpins our values of Respect, Enthusiasm, Aspiration, Compassion and Honesty.  Although we are affiliated to neighbouring St Marys Episcopal Church, we are an inclusive school and open to all children through a placing request. We have capacity in all age groups and there are no school fees. 

The school has four classrooms, a Nursery and a library area. Our pupils regularly enjoy nearby Holme Hill for outdoor learning. In addition, we have access to church grounds and the Church Hall which is used for lunch, assemblies, concerts and PE lessons.


Smithy Loan
Dunblane, FK15 0HQ
Scotland - UK

Phone & Email

01786 822740
stmaryeps @ stirling.gov.uk

School Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 3:15pm
Winter Term: 26 Oct - 23 Dec