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Outdoor Learning

With Holmehill on our doorstep, children at St. Mary’s benefit from regular outdoor learning experiences.

What is Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor learning uses outdoor space as the classroom. Children learn in the natural surroundings, and outdoor learning offers child-centred learning experiences through play, exploring and the opportunity to take risks with support.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

  • Outdoor learning gives children the opportunity to explore, play and make decisions in the outdoors, promoting confidence and independence;
  • It creates opportunities for our children to work with members of the wider community such as Dunblane Development Trust and the Ranger service;
  • It helps children to develop problem solving skills using their surroundings– promoting independence and developing creative thinkers;
  • It can promote resilience in children;
  • It supports relationship building, through working together, and also improves communication and language skills;
  • It seeks to promote environmental awareness and learning for sustainability;
  • From building dens, climbing trees to building fires and toasting marshmallows there is a lot of fun to be had in a St. Mary’s outdoor learning session.

Who benefits from Outdoor Learning?

All the children at St. Mary’s benefit from regular outdoor learning experiences. Nursery children benefit from attending regular Forest School sessions and Primary 1 to 7 children benefit from similar outdoor learning experiences. Whether it is a trip to Holmehill, a session in the playground or an activity in the rectory garden, there are lots of outdoor learning experiences and fresh air available to the children at St. Mary’s.

Wellie boots, waterproofs and warm clothes are essential items at our school, where there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

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